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The State of the Salmon Event was held on April 28, 2021. The event includes recent information about the state of the salmon, rivers and waters (our most precious resource). Morning Star Gali (Save California Salmon) was the host and speakers included Amy Cordalis (Yurok Tribe), Chief Caleen Sisk (Winnemem Wintu Tribe), Regina Chichizola (Save California Salmon), John McManus and Barry Nelson (Golden State Salmon Association). It also includes a message from Congressman Jared Huffman. We encourage you to watch it and learn more about how you can #TakeAction for #CaliforniaWaterJustice!

California is facing both a climate and a water crisis, and water supplies for rivers and cities are often low and rationed. Despite this over 80% of California's developed water is used for industrial agriculture such as almonds and alfalfa. These crops are largely exported out of state and to other countries. This situation leaves rivers and reservoirs low and threatens California's cities water quality. 


Poor flows and bad water quality in rivers due to excess water diversions had left Caliifornia's fish species, including its iconic salmon runs facing extinction. This means that native people that depend on salmon for their food and culture have to live without the food and income salmon provide, and it leaves coastal fishing communities without desperately needed incomes and consumers without access to the state's healthiest and most renewable food source. 


To make matters worse California still has an old and archaic system of water rights that allows a few farmers and water brokers to dewater whole watersheds, and aquifers for their own gain, and rarely enforces public and Tribal trust laws. The system is so bad that in some rivers over 10 times as much water is allocated than actually exists and millionaires have been able to privatize whole aquifers in the driest parts of the state. These excess water diversions for industrial agriculture, along with the fact that the state lets big agriculture discharge pesticides and other chemicals right into drinking water sources has left many California's without access to clean water, which is a human right and whole cities without reliable water supplies.


It does not have to be this way. California does not have to squander it's more precious resources, such as it's clean water and salmon runs. Laws exist that allow the state to protect our clean water sources and to revisit old water rights. The state is reviewing new water rights claims and river’s flow needs, due to climate change impacting dwindling supplies. However, Gavin Newsom has been holding up these processes. Cities are doing their part to save water and fight pollution, large agriculture still wastes water and continues to expand permanent, water intensive crops such as almonds in the driest parts of the state.


It is time to change course. California has appollogized to native people to the state's attemped genocide and started a Truth and Healing commission. It has recognized the human right to water and vowed to fight climate change. It is time for California to protect our water. 


We are calling on the state to take action to stop the extinction of our salmon and to make sure all people have access to clean water including in our sources waters, our rivers. 


We are asking you to join us and take action.

State of the Salmon


Governor Newson, Support Water Justice, Save the Salmon


Complete virtual rally to testify at Water Board Meeting and check out

list of talking points

and demands

8:30 AM

Rally before testifying at the  Water Board Meeting

9:00 AM

Water Board Meeting

12:00 PM

Sacramento Rally

at the Capitol.

Meet at the South Lawn!





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Winnemem Wintu Tribe)

Prizes include: ⁣⁣

⁣⁣·TikTok or Video (Youth Prize $120, Adult $100)⁣⁣

·Article, PowerPoint, or Blog (Youth Prize $100, Adult $80)⁣⁣

·Artwork (Youth Prize $75, Adult $50)⁣⁣

·Flyer, Meme, or Comic (Youth Prize $75, Adult $50)⁣⁣

·Poem, Song or Audio Recording (Adult Prize $50)⁣⁣


We will work with winners to post and publish your work.⁣⁣


To be considered a youth you must be under 25 years old.⁣⁣


To win you must post your art, video, Tik-Tok, song, poem, meme, comic, article, PowerPoint, or blog post to all your applicable social media with the hashtags #CaliforniaWaterJustice #SalmonProtector #SalmonCultures along with hashtags related to your issue, watershed and Tribal affiliation if you have one AND submit a link of your work to info@californiasalmon.org by midnight pst on May 4th. ⁣⁣

Artwork can include banner or posters⁣⁣

Tag TikTok @SaveCaliforniaSalmon⁣⁣

Artwork by: Mahlija Florendo, Indigenous Women Art and Design

May 4th Day of Action

TAKE ACTION! Hashtags: #CaliforniaWaterJustice #YouthProtector #SalmonProtector #Salmon Cultures

Youth Protector's Challenge - Deadline: May 4, 2021 at Midnight

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